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The Care and Share Mentoring Program is a group mentoring component of First and Goal, Inc. which emphasizes character development in a group setting while effectively reducing academic failure, juvenile delinquency, gang activity, and other factors that may lead to at risk behavior.

The program encourages student growth in the areas of goal setting, leadership, positive self-image, academic achievement, conflict resolution, and self-confidence.

The sessions are designed to encourage and motivate students to set goals and make appropriate decisions to achieve their goals. Students learn how to overcome obstacles and failure while setting new goals to achieve. 

Leading Girls to Women is the female component of the Care and Share Mentoring Program

Leading Boys to Men is the male component of the Care and Share Mentoring Program

The sessions are modeled after these components:

1. Group Mentoring - exploration into social and academic issues, question and answer sessions, youth commentary, role-playing, and life applications.

2. Academic Improvement - homework assistance, progress evaluation, motivation for higher education, setting career goals, and tutorials for college entrance and high school exit exams.

3. Self-Image - defining personal values, setting goals, redefining self-worth, assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses, and exposing and maximizing natural talents.

4. Character Education and Social Skills Development - leadership, team building, conflict resolution, violence prevention, community service, and evaluation of social strengths and weaknesses.


Our full-time professional staff is available year round.
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