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First and Goal, Inc. community partners understand the importance of building tomorrow's leaders today. They are dedicated to the success of today's youth.
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First and Goal, Inc. and Alief ISD have partnered together for the “Care & Share Mentor” program and other youth based initiatives.



First and Goal, Inc. and Aldine ISD have partnered together for the “Preparing To Dream” program, also assisting in "The Dream Team" which is made up of students who will help motivate and assist their peers with the college application and financial aid process.



Since 2003 Baylor University has partnered with First and Goal, Inc. each year to host the Journey Beyond Dreams college experience program. Journey Beyond Dreams is a comprehensive educational experience designed to increase higher education interests in high school students. The mission of "Journey Beyond Dreams" is to increase the graduation and college attendance rates of underrepresented students.



The Greater Houston Mentoring Collaborative (GHMC) was formed by local mentoring organizations in 2007 to increase the reach and quality of youth mentoring services. The GHMC is the central go-to youth mentoring resource for the Houston community, serving as the local clearinghouse for information, resources and connections on all aspects of youth mentoring.



The Chaplon Clothing Company based in Houston Texas operates on the premise that design should be universal and able to speak across race, creed, gender or the constricting lines of social status. Birthed in a mind that consistently lives in a world of fusion, the clothing is a blend of original hip hop and skateboard culture



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God's Ink Multimedia, is a progressive design group,whose services includes flyers, business cards, websites & other identity-building tools that help you promote your business and define your image.