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1. Do you have programs for Elementary as well as High school age children?

First and Goal, Inc. provides a variety of programs that can be designed to meet the needs of students from 4th through 12th grade.  General assemblies are for students from 1st – 12th grade.


2. What are the prices for the different programs and services?

The prices vary for each individual program.  Because we provide such a wide variety of programs and services, we are able to design our programs around your school or organization’s budget needs.  Please also visit the Booking page of our website for more information.


3. Do you have financial assistance for schools that can not afford the programs or services?

We have helped many schools and organizations to establish long term programs through grants, corporate sponsorship and other financial resources.  Please also visit the booking page of our website for more information.


4. What does a TEAM First and Goal General Assembly or presentation consist of?

General assemblies are normally forty-five minutes to one hour in length.  The presentation consists of the speaker presentation, question and answer period, autograph card signing and giveaways.


5. What topics are covered during the TEAM First and Goal general assembly?

TEAM First and Goal has a variety of speakers that can cater their presentations to meet the needs of the school or organization.  Some recent examples of topics are:  Encouragement and Motivation for state standardized testing, Reaching Your Dreams, Maximizing Your Opportunities, Life’s Decisions, Dealing With the Outcome, Self-Discipline, Knowing Your Purpose, Building Your Legacy.  Please also visit the Programs page of our website and “click” on the TEAM First and Goal for more information.


6. What does the TEAM First and Goal Staff Development Consist of?

These half-day, full-day or multi-day workshops are designed to provide administrators and school faculty with the methodology and hands-on training that they need to weave the concepts of sensitivity, respect, and diversity into their curriculum.  Staff Developments usually consist of:
TEAM First and Goal Facilitators (# of facilitators depends on # of staff)
 Detailed training sessions and workshops
 Discussion Groups
 Team Building Initiatives
 Large Group Activities
 Visual Aids and Interactive Learning Material
 Printed Material

7. Can I implement more than one service or program at my campus?

Yes. For schools or organizations that are interested in implementing more than one of our programs or services, we offer a package rate.  Please visit the booking page of our website for more information.