In order for FGP to best serve you we have developed The Game Plan, a 3-step production planning service that is available for our entire playbook.  The production planning services are as follows:

Planning is everything when it comes to working with media.  The Pre-Game is the pre-production planning stage that takes place with all projects that involve FGP.  The Pre-Game is used to help develop ideas and create an efficient and effective task list before going into the production stage.  The Pre-Game will address questions concerning expenditures, productions times, and locations.


Game Time:
Lights, camera, action… Game Time is the production stage of the game plan.  Probably the most well known out of all three stages; here we will actually put the Pre-Game into action.  We will utilize industry standard equipment to take your ideas and turn them into a reality.       


Just as important as the Pre-Game and Game Time stages, the Post-Game is where we sit down to evaluate and re-evaluate our product.  This stage will include video editing, sound mastering, DVD mastering, and surveying to make sure that we achieved our goals that were set in the Pre-Game stage.  FGP’s goal is to make sure our entire clientele walk away satisfied and it is at this stage where we ensure that possibility. 

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