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College attendance is a key component in raising the socio-economic status, social conscience and educational levels of today’s youth.  However, for many youth, the prospect of college attendance seems impossible.  Lack of exposure and knowledge, academic failure, lack of ambition and drive, negative influences and discouragement are just a few of the factors contributing to the reasons why youth today are not aspiring to attend college.

The Journey Beyond Dreams College Experience Program is committed to teaching our youth the power that lies within their possibilities.  It is our goal to motivate youth to believe in their own talents, and to have the dedication and drive to make their personal vision of success come to life. We are dedicated to showing youth how to turn discouragement and defeat into optimism and victory allowing them to reach higher levels of accomplishment then they ever dreamed possible.


The Journey Beyond Dreams College Experience Program was created to increase high school graduation, college attendance, and college graduation rates. In addition to introducing youth to the college experience, this unique program also equips them with life application skills and methods to apply classroom curriculum to their everyday experiences.

The Journey Beyond Dreams College Experience Program offers first hand residential experience, as well as exposure to college professors, curriculums, and multiple learning environments. Students receive college readiness training by attending workshops that include such topics as the academic and social realities of college life, tips on successful study and classroom skills, choosing the right majors for their future careers, dealing with stress, setting realistic goals, and finding the right financial resources to fit their needs.

By exposing youth to a college setting prior to attending a post secondary institution, the anxiety regarding college and the college drop-out/failure rates can be significantly reduced. When our youth learn the values of preparation, dedication and self worth, there truly is no limit to what they can contribute to their world.  It is our goal to help our youth find the right path to making their dreams a reality.  The sky is truly the limit for those who are willing to take the journey beyond their dreams.

Our full-time professional staff is available year round.
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