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First and Goal, Inc. designed Project L.E.A.D, an after-school enrichment program, to meet the needs of the community, as well as the individual needs of students. Statistics show that most juvenile crimes take place between the hours of 2:00pm and 8:00 pm, and that children are at a much greater risk of being the victims of a crime during these “after-school” hours. With this in mind Project L.E.A.D provides at-risk youth with a safe environment that will encourage educational and moral enhancement.

Understanding that the most effective means for helping youth is a personalized approach, it is our goal to relate to each of the students and provide “consistent personal attention.” In an effort to provide students with various ways learning, Project L.E.A.D. instructors incorporate challenging, competitive large group games and team-building activities to enhance leadership skills and positive social interaction among the students.

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Project L.E.A.D targets five major components to enhance students.

TAKS Testing Preparation

Homework Assistance - Assists youth with homework and other program activities.

Computer Technology - Provide technological assistance to students to bridge the digital divide.  Planned curriculum will include keyboarding, web design and homework assistance.

Youth Leadership and Enrichment - Provides training for youth regarding character education, health and anti-drug activities, leadership training and other enrichment activities.

Recreation – Introduces teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline in a fun and exciting environment

Project L.E.A.D. operates with the intent to:

  1. Provide a fun and safe place for students during after school hours.
  2. Provide positive interaction with caring adults.
  3. Encourage and develop life skills, respect, and positive social interaction.
  4. Provide exposure to a variety of educational outlets and resources.

Our full-time professional staff is available year round.
For more information, please call (713) 571-9121 or email