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First and Goal, Inc. – L.E.A.D. Youth Leadership Conferences are designed to build today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.  During the conference students will discuss the characteristics of a leader and their view of themselves as leaders.  They will learn the importance of attitude, effective communication, creating positive change, setting goals, and formulating plans of action to achieve their goals. 

They will also focus on decision-making, which is one of the most important leadership skills, as well as learning to cope with and overcome the results of wrong decisions. The conference will provide students with the knowledge that will allow for them to become effective leaders, as well as encourage them to strive for excellence in their lives.

The future leaders of the world and society are sitting in your midst.  Why wait.  Give them the leadership skills/experience that they need to lead now!

First and Goal will come to your school or campus to provide personalized training for your students.  During the sessions your students will be empowered with leadership techniques and skills.  They will utilize these techniques and skills in practical large group activities and games, and walk away equipped with the necessary tools and resources needed to be the leaders that they are called to be.

Leadership conferences and workshops include:

  • A full time, professionally trained staff will come to your campus or facility
  • Highly energized and interactive training sessions and workshops
  • Small and large group sessions
  • Team building initiatives
  • Large group activities
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Our full-time professional staff is available year round.
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