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  The Care and Share Mentor Program, a mentoring component of First and Goal, Inc. which emphasizes character development in a group setting while effectively reducing academic failure, juvenile delinquency, gang activity, and other factors that may lead to at risk behavior. Morelink


  The Leadership Empowerment to Achieve Dreams (L.E.A.D.)Conferences, a leadership component of First and Goal, is designed to reinforce leadership skills through a fusion of high-energy and dynamic classes, workshops, and conferences geared towards teaching the key principles of successful leadership models.


Captivating, exhilarating, and motivating are just a few of the words that describe the clear and direct message delivered by TEAM-First and Goal.  Within a dynamic presentation, TEAM First and Goal utilizes a general assembly discussion approach to emphasize the importance of education, goal setting, leadership, and conflict resolution. Morelink


 The Project L.E.A.D after-school enrichment program was designed to meet the needs of the community, as well as the individual needs of the students that will benefit from a safe, structured program for educational and moral enhancement. MoreLink


  In an effort to more effectively encourage and equip youth with the necessary tools, support and resources to achieve dreams, First and Goal, Inc. has partnered with several universities to provide the Journey Beyond Dreams College Experience Program. The program was created to increase high school graduation, college attendance, and to promote college preparation for youth. Morelink


 Through the Dream – Filled and Drug - Free Program our goal is to make schools and communities safe, by reducing substance abuse while encouraging and equipping youth to maximize their talents.  We advocate a healthy lifestyle for all youth to achieve their dreams.

Youth Viol.

 The Youth Violence Prevention Program equips youth with the necessary tools to improve their schools climate from the inside-out.  As an essential part of the program youth become knowledgeable of the positive influence they can have on others, as well as the influence others have on them. Morelink

classes are designed to provide the necessary tools, support, and resources for youth that will enrich, equip and empower them to be effective members of society. Currenty Inactive


 The staff development program focuses on areas such as team building, creating positive attitudes and environments, as well as conflict resolution and problem solving techniques for administrators, counselors, and teachers working with youth. Morelink



 Quest for H.O.P.E is committed to teaching today’s youth the power that lies within their possibilities.  Life is a journey, and if we simply allow life to happen we may miss our opportunities to become successful. MoreLink


Our Parental Program is committed to assisting parents to teach their children the power within their possibilities. A parent’s support and encouragement are two of the most crucial elements needed to help children believe in themselves and their potential. Morelink

Become a part of the First and Goal, Inc. Adopt –A-School Program. The Adopt-A-School Program is an effective partnership between First & Goal, Inc., area schools, and businesses throughout our community. MoreLink


The TEAM FIT program has been developed in an effort to help children and youth live active healthier lifestyles. Physical inactivity and poor nutrition are the major contributors to childhood obesity. Morelink

First and Goal, Inc. – Football 101 Camps will provide fundamental football instruction for boys 7 - 18 years of age. Currenty Inactive