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First and Goal, Inc. – Quest for H.O.P.E (Helping Others Pursue Excellence) is committed to teaching today’s youth the power that lies within their possibilities.  Life is a journey, and if we simply allow life to happen we may miss our opportunities to become successful.  For this reason, our youth need to learn the value of setting goals, preparing for their futures, and becoming dedicated to reaching their dreams.

 By showing our youth how to turn discouragement and defeat into optimism and victory, we can help them to reach higher levels of accomplishment by believing in themselves.

Everyone can be successful.  For some, this statement can be oppositional to what life has shaped them to believe. So many youth today live without hope.  Through Quest for H.O.P. E., we are striving to reshape the definition of what success means to the youth of the Jasper, Texas community.  The quest for H.O.P.E program will give hope to the local youth by informing them of their ultimate potential in life.  Youth will be encouraged to maximize opportunities in life through education, life skills, enrichment and sports.  Our goal is to empower the youth of the Jasper, Texas to be effective members of society.

Today’s youth have been influenced to believe that success is unobtainable unless you have extraordinary talents.  It is our goal to motivate our youth to believe in their own talents, and to have the dedication and drive to make their personal vision of success come to life. 

By learning the values of preparation, dedication and self worth, there truly is no limit to what our youth can contribute to their world.  It is our goal to help our youth find the right path to making their dreams a reality.  The sky is truly the limit for those who have hope and believe that nothing is impossible.