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Youth Viol.

The Youth Violence Prevention Program equips youth with the necessary tools to improve their schools climate from the inside out. As an essential part of the program youth become knowledgeable of the positive influence they can have on others, as well as the influence others have on them. First and Goal believes that communication leads to trust, trust leads to influence, and influence leads to change. The First and Goal Youth Violence Prevention Program can help change your schools’ social climate.

Based on a report by the Surgeon General; implementation of a violence preventive program is the most effective strategy to lessen the effects of youth violence. First and Goal uses the primary prevention program, which targets youth before they are involved in violent situations. In an effort to prevent violent situations, First and Goal encourages youth to communicate with peers and others through group discussions, role-playing and interactive classroom sessions. We focus on identifying the problem, and showing the youth positive conflict resolution, thus allowing the youth to develop positive self-image, anger management and self-control.

The Youth Violence Prevention Program will serve as an avenue for youth to learn to become leaders, and to change destructive behavior into constructive positive outcomes. Through strong leadership, compassion, encouragement, and support, First and Goal has been able to reach and change the lives of students’ everyday.

Our full-time professional staff is available year round.
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