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Would you like to make a real difference in your community?
Become a part of the First and Goal, Inc. Adopt –A-School program. The Adopt-A-School Program is an effective partnership between First & Goal, Inc., area schools, and businesses throughout our community. The purpose of the program is to utilize the vast amounts of human resources, and the talents of the business professionals in our community to help strengthen, enhance, and enrich the quality of education in schools throughout Greater Houston.

Adopt-A-School Needs You!

First and Goal, Inc. - Adopt-A-School Program has become an integral part of the community’s educational fabric.  We are fortunate to have the active involvement of businesses, industries and organizations that work directly with specific schools as adopters.  This includes such groups as retailers, manufacturers, civic organizations, utility companies, small businesses, financial institutions, and restaurants.

Have you ever wondered how you and your business can contribute to the future of today’s youth?

Why not consider taking an active role as an Adopt-A-School partner? The program is flexible.  The possibilities are unlimited!  Whether you prefer an elementary, middle, or high school there is a place for you. 

There’s no obligation, nothing to lose, and it could be the beginning of a very rewarding experience for you and your business as well as providing much-needed assistance for a public school in Houston!

What Do Adopters Do?

Adopters take part in activities that encourage students and enrich their educational experiences.  While developing strong person-to-person relationships, Adopt-A-School partners engage in a variety of rewarding opportunites such as:

  • Academic Enrichment/Career Awareness: Provide readers for classes; host job shadowing opportunities; conduct interview skills workshops; participate in career days; provide newspapers for classroom instruction; serve as resource speakers or tutors
  • Student Incentives/Motivation: Sponsor awards and academic awards banquet for academic performance improvements; sponsor citizenship projects and students of the month awards; be a mentor for a student
  • Cultural Enrichment: Develop and/or sponsor arts festivals; sponsor visits by performing artists; provide scholarships to local cultural events
  • Improving School Environment: Donate equipment; assist with landscaping; participate in clean up days or beautification projects at school
  • Faculty Support and Recognition: Recognize teachers during American Education Week or Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Community Involvement: All partners participating in the Adopt-a-School Program will be registered and trained through First & Goal, Inc.  The partners will be a weekly presence in the classroom, and thus an integral part of the learning environment. 

The Benefits
The benefits of the Adopt-a-School Program can be life changing.  For the classroom teacher faced with the challenge of students having widely disparate skills and interest levels, the partners will offer assistance that will aid both administrative staff, and First and Goal Team Members address each of the students needs equally.
The partners will also provide a model of academic success for the students.  By becoming role models, the partners themselves will discover a new motivation for helping the students reach higher academic achievements than they ever dreamed possible.  In addition to encouraging and shape their minds towards future success, as well as teaching flexibility and resourcefulness, the program also provides a much-needed link between the partners and students. This is of importance to both prospective partners and to individuals that make decisions concerning schools as part of their civic responsibilities.


It’s easy! Contact the First and Goal, Inc. office at (713) 571-9121 or e-mail info@teamfirstandgoal.orgThe program director will meet with you to discuss the resources your business can offer to a select school whose needs are compatible with these resources. Keep in mind that the commitment from all partners at the highest level is essential.

Your firm or organization can now be involved as a  First and Goal, Inc. - Adopt-A-School Sponsor.  Your financial and moral support is vital to maintaining the effectiveness of the program and contributing to its future development.  An Adopt-a-School Sponsor provides a donation to First and Goal, Inc., an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  In exchange for this support, you will be recognized as an involved partner in First and Goal, Inc. - Adopt-A-School Program.