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First and Goal, Inc. – Parental Program is committed to assisting parents to teach their children the power within their possibilities.  A parent’s support and encouragement are two of the most crucial elements needed to help children believe in themselves and their potential. Today’s youth need to learn the value of setting goals, preparing for their futures, and becoming dedicated to reaching their dreams. By showing our youth how to turn discouragement and defeat into

optimism and victory, we can help them to reach higher levels of accomplishment. Giving our children the guidance needed to strive to reach their goals begins at home, with parents who are willing to do all that they can to give their children every opportunity to excel in life. 

Everyone can be successful.  For some, this statement can be oppositional to what life has shaped them to believe.  However, once we can reshape the definition of what success means, then there is no limit to what can be achieved.  Today’s youth have been influenced to believe that success is unobtainable unless you have extraordinary talents.  It is our goal to help parents learn how to motivate their child to believe in his or her own talents, and to have the dedication and drive to make their personal vision of success come to life. 

For parents, it can be a daunting task to equip their child with the necessary skills to succeed and a firm foundation of support. By learning the values of preparation, dedication, and self worth there truly is no limit to what our youth can contribute to their world.  It is our goal to work together with parents and our community to help today’s youth find the right path to making their dreams a reality.  The sky is truly the limit for those who believe that nothing is impossible.

Listed below are some are of the topics that
are discussed during the group sessions:

  • The Realities of Today’s Teenagers
    • Objective: Parents will be given an in depth look at the issues that face today’s youth, and ways to be supportive and encouraging.

  • Is College Worth It?
    • Objective:  Parents will gain an understanding of what going to college can offer their children in life.
  • The Time Is Now
    • Objective: Parents will learn how to encourage their children for college and their futures.

  • The Empty Nest
    • Objective:  Parents learn how to maintain a healthy relationship when their child is in college without being bothersome.
  •  Failing Forward
    • Objective:  Parents will learn the right mind set to help their children turn failures into success.

  • Appreciating Your Child’s Gifts
    • Objective: Parents will learn how the value of self worth can affect their child’s futures.

  • Opening the Doors of Communication
    • Objective: Parents will learn the importance of a positive attitude, good communication skills, resourcefulness, and creativity when talking to their children.

  • Preparation for Long Term Goals
    • Objective:  Parents will learn how to assist their child in preparing for future goals.

  • The Determination to Succeed
    • Objective:  Parents will learn how to motivate their child to succeed in every avenue of their lives.


Our full-time professional staff is available year round.
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