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Tyrone Smith


Tyrone Smith

     For over 12 years, Moses Medina has educated and impacted the lives of thousands of students. He has organized events that have reached over 50,000 teens, as well as spoken in schools, camps, churches and conferences. Moses is currently a member of Team First and Goal.

     He has a passion for today’s youth, to encourage and motivate them to go above and beyond their expectations, and to mentor them and encourage them to make the right decisions. Moses is currently speaking to and working with youth in the Houston area. Everyday, he is encouraged and inspired by the changed lives of the youth he has encountered. He is still driven by a desire to motivate teens in helping them make the right choices in life and helping them become a positive role model in their schools, homes and society. It is his hope that his positive message brings life long transformations that will help them in their future.